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About Etman

 Etman Electric (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer and service provider in the fields of electrics, was established in 1986, and listed on OTC List in Norway in 2007.
  For 27 years, taking technology, safety and energy saving as its own duty, Etman has developed into a famous brand in the Northern Europe electric industry by virtue of dedicated and practical style, professional and innovative electric products and efficient leading technology, and has customers in traditional electric and intelligent electric fields such as project supporting, comprehensive wiring, home decoration, large manufacturers and supermarket retail. Today, Etman has 6 sales subsidiaries, 7 electrical outlets, and nearly 1,000 employees working all over Europe and China.
  Etman International ASA is a Norwegian holding group with 4 subsidiaries located in China, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Etman electric (changzhou) Co., Ltd., is the manufacturing base of the group in China which has been the professional manufacturer and service provider in the field of electrician, intelligent buildings, and energy saving by the rich experience in European market, close technological exchange between China and the West, and continuing research and innovation. It is our commitment to provide safer, more energy-efficient, more intelligent electrical products and power solutions for more professional consumers and end users.

 Etman Electric (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.
 Tel: 0519-68868220
 Location: Lijia Industrial Park, Wujin, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
 Zip code: 213165

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Etman electric (changzhou) co., LTD.
Etman electric (Norway) co., LTD. Etman electric (Store) co., LTD.