Market Influence

Building decoration Etman provides extremely competitive products and service for construction Companies, installation companies, wholesalers and supermarket stores and even the end users. With powerful product and technology advantage and fast-growing market coverage in the Nordic electrician field, Etman has become the preferred partner in the field of Northern Europe low voltage electric and electrical products. Currently, Etman has 7 electrical outlets in the world.
The biggest construction company in Sweden: NCC,The biggest electrical installation company in Northern Europe:Bravida,Wholesale giants in the Northern Europe professional market: Recel, Elektroskandia, Onninen, and Ashell;Famous DIY electrical chain stores in Northern Europe: JULA, ICA, EUROPRIS, Byggmax and Biltima;The biggest DIY market wholesaler in Northern Europe: Gelia,Home-furnishing giant - IKEA
Modern retail Entering the market since 2001, Etman has become the most powerful brand of electric products in famous chain supermarkets at home and abroad such as Carrefour, RT-Mart, Auchan, Tesco, Lotus Supercenter, Suguo and NGS Mart with consistent quality and continuously strong sales volume. Now, Etman has become one of enterprises with best performance, optimal service and most competitive advantage in the modern retail industry.
After-sale service Etman has built a strategic partnership with industry giants such as Suning, Gome, Konka, Skyworth, Haier, Changhong, Hisense and Lenovo successively. Now, after-sales teams of various appliance brands throughout the country are the closest strategic partners of Etman; and hundreds of thousands of after-sales service engineers have become the Etman’s closest comrades and the angel spreading new products and technologies in the Chinese market. Meanwhile, Etman’s intelligent socket has crowned the first brand undisputedly in the industry.
  Wiring system Etman electrical and wiring system focuses on the professional solutions in communications, wiring, data center power distribution and power quality improvement. We are committed to providing customers with the integration and management of intelligent building and data center network infrastructure system (Manageable Integrated Network Infrastructure), from high performance wiring system to energy saving device, to intelligent system, to power compensation, to filter devices, and to industrial distribution.

Energy Saving Energy-saving lighting, energy-saving air-conditioning, and factory power system energy-saving is the main business direction of Jiangsu Electric Technology Co., LTD. We also get involved with the development and appliance of new energy technologies by providing the business users with solutions of energy-saving lighting, energy-saving air-conditioning, and power system energy saving in various occasions.