Quality - Keep Improving and Focus on Every Detail

 Etman products are well respected and praised for high quality. The product philosophy of keeping improving and focusing on every detail runs through each link of research and development, manufacture and service of Etman products.
 Etman implements the “Total Quality Management” system strictly, and ensures that research and development, manufacture and service of all products comply with ISO9001Quality System certification and ISO14001Environment System Certification through optimizing the organizational structure of the company, refining the production flow of products, and specifying the quality index of finished products and parts.
 Meanwhile, Etman Electric products also have obtained safety certification of multiple countries such as CCC (3C) in China, VDE and GS in German, CE in European Union, NF in France, IMQ in Italy, N in Norway, S in Sweden, FI in Finland, and D in Denmark.
 Independent laboratory and sound test instrument are the important part of Etman Quality Assurance System. With various test equipment, the laboratory can carry out the full performance electrical test for products.
 The company has built a long-term partnership with ITS Shanghai Testing & Inspection Institute, so the product and quality control capacity of Etman Electric are always consistent with the world-class level.