Technology - Safer and More Energy-saving with Independent Innovation

 The persistent independent innovation strategy is the key to success of Etman. With dedication and practicability, Etman uses 3% annual turnover to research new products and technologies, thus developing safer, more energy-saving and more intelligent electric products with more leading technology and more novel appearance, so as to repay professional users and numerous consumers.
 Etman has two product research and development centers in China and Norway, and cooperates with multiple research institutions closely, such as Guangdong Institute of Automation, Beijing Institute of Automation, Shanghai Research Institute Of Building Sciences, and Hohai University, so a lot of technology innovation projects come out every year. Therefore, Etman is listed as an international famous brand of key support and development by Jiangsu.
 For more than twenty years, the persistent independent innovation has laid the professional position of Etman Electric, and the company has obtained hundreds of technical patents in Europe and China successively, thereby being regarded as – “Northern Europe Electric Expert” by the industry.